The school, with 7,800 students currently active in the main building (Building souvenir of Imam Khomeini) and 2,600 students in the building, Sheikh Sadough (Building No. 2 School of Engineering) and a total of 10,400 students, half of the students in the same form. Engineering Building Engineering Building in 1378 in memory of Imam Khomeini established and launched. The school now has 32
​​courses in 8 disciplines tend to be general and educational in section 5

A summary of the physical state of engineering and engineering of complex legacy of Imam Khomeini (RA 

The main school building is a three storey building with space is 10,850 square meters. The building has 60 classrooms and two drawing classes, 16 schools that are equipped with audiovisual equipment. The number associated with the fields of engineering and technical laboratories in different parts of the building including laboratories, hangars and ... Laboratory and workshop is located more than 50 spaces. Agricultural research and education as well as seven-hectare farm unit complex near the university