Introduction to Textile Engineering

Textile Group Founded: 1371


Department of Textile Engineering, Islamic Azad University Rey in October 1371 with an undergraduate admissions Textile Chemistry and Fiber Science began its activities. Currently the department has 15 full-time faculty members, part-time scholarships and has about 1,300 students. Department of Textile Engineering has 8 teaching laboratories, research and workshops are equipped with the latest equipment and facilities are up to date

Introduction to Textile Engineering

Engineering, a discipline that deals with the study of the development of expertise and innovation of the test or control products industries. Graduates of this course can be assigned responsibility for various topics including the following:

A-The design, monitoring and implementation of small and large research projects at various levels of applied chemistry, textile, universities, companies and research centers in order to improve the quality and quantity of products required.


B-. Responsibilities and services in quality control laboratories, track and provide criteria to enhance the quantity and quality of products as well as textile materials