Introduction to Fluids and Heat



It is a branch of engineering design, construction and commissioning of devices and machines deals

The program also works closely with a variety of machines that have very different energies such as solar energy conversion, nuclear energy and chemical energy to kinetic energy to make

Mechanical Engineering major role in enhancing the safety of life, improve overall quality of life, economic vitality and passion make plays. Mechanical engineering in the context of other physical sciences. Dare to say that in terms of scope and applications of mechanical engineering is the broadest engineering disciplines

Mechanical Engineers, the basic principles of force, energy, momentum, and heat applied, and with their expert knowledge, systems design and make mechanical and thermal devices and processes. Mechanical Engineers, a wide range of devices, products and processes that produce, for example: automotive and aircraft engines and control systems, electrical power plants, medical devices, components, and various pieces of microscopic dimensions to Chrkhdndhhay engine giant, laser technology, computer-assisted design and manufacturing, mechanical or automation (automation

Robotics, a variety of consumer products ranging air conditioning systems, personal computers and sports equipment, machines and devices to mass produce any of the above products