Introduction to Electro-Techniques


Electro Group Establishment: 1384 


Branch Rey electronics group of about 70 students admitted in 1384 with bachelor degrees in the fields of industrial activity began. The group currently has three faculty members scholarships (if Tues PhD student scholarships are also being absorbed into), a Visiting Professor substantial number (over 35) and has about 850 students. Electro Group also has educational and research laboratories and Kargahay enough (according to the course syllabus) which are equipped with the proper hardware facilities 

Introduction to Electronic Field

The electrical field of the electrical engineering branch is the tendency of all issues related to power generation, transmission and distribution of electrical energy is included. The main fields of study and research and the overall electric field can drive the car, electrical power systems and power electronics noted. The overview and basic understanding of each of these fields of study are described

Electric Machines and Drives

Issues in the field of design, modeling, analysis and control of electrical machines and the operators of both large and small generators will follow. In this regard, and to cover basic topics in the field of specialized course such as basic principles of electric machines and alternating current to direct current, three-phase electric machines, electric machines for electric machines laboratory (1) and (2 ) is considered