Introduction to Telecommunication

Group Contacts Rey Islamic Azad University in 1370 with an electrical engineering undergraduate admissions trends has now launched. Currently the department has 19 full-time faculty members, part-time scholarships and has about 1500 students. Group now has 10 teaching laboratories, research and workshops are equipped with the latest equipment and facilities are up to date. This in addition to undergraduate courses in graduate school now accepts students year 1388

Introduction to Electrical Engineering
Electrical engineering graduate with four trends in electronics, communications, control and power. These trends in undergraduate trends of each other and do not differ each other only in 30 units or less different. And even the number of electrical engineering graduates in the labor market to absorb these strings tendencies are

Electrical Engineering - Telecommunications
Contacts, Electrical engineering is a branch of the acts of sending and receiving information. This information can be audio, video or computer data is. Telecommunication engineering theory and principles to establish a connection between two or more users, more efficient processes and enables action. The purpose of communication engineering, developing expertise in four main fields of interest